DIY Ways to Hang a Mirror Without a Frame

Mirrors perform a decorating trick that helps rooms appear brighter and bigger by reflecting light around the room. Mirrors with beveled or straight edges are available in framed and unframed versions. Several methods are available to hang big and small frameless mirrors in your home.

Learn how to hang a mirror that doesn't have a frame.

Mirror Clips

Mirror clips provide an inexpensive and practical option to hang your mirror. These clips come in clear and gray shades that match your mirror. Position the clips at the mirror's corners. You may need other clips to help support more of the mirror if it is large or heavy, such as a bathroom vanity mirror. Insert a nail into the hole on the mirror clip and snap the clip over the corner of the mirror.


Add a metallic sheet to the wall where you will hang your mirror if you are using a relatively light mirror. Trim it a little shorter than the size of the mirror or let it extend past the edges of the mirror to create a pseudo-frame around the mirror. Glue 1-inch square sections of magnets to the corners of the mirror. The metal sheet that you added to the wall will support the weight of the mirror.

Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips allow you to hang the mirror to the wall without having to create any damage with the addition of screws, glue or nails. Make sure that you use strips that can support the weight of the mirror and that you use enough strips so that the weight is equally distributed among them. Add the strips to the back of the mirror and remove the paper backing. Position the mirror on the wall and make sure that you are hanging it straight before pressing the adhesive backing to the wall.

Wooden Backing

Adding a piece of wood to the back of your frameless mirror will allow you to hang your mirror in a more conventional fashion. Add a piece of wood to the top and bottom of the mirror so that there will be an equal space from the wall to the back of the mirror. Alternatively, glue a thin piece of wood to cover the entire back of the mirror. Wood glue will keep the wood in place. Add mirror hooks or D-rings to the back of the wood piece. String wire between the hooks and then hang to a screw on the wall.