The Height to Place Two Rows of Closet Rods

You've ditched and donated all those seldom-worn and never-worn clothes bulging out of your closet, but the hangers are still crammed together. You need a wider closet with more horizontal than vertical space so you can squeeze everything in. Or do you? Double-hang closet rods to help you organize your edited wardrobe and give every piece of it a bit of breathing room. Two rows of rods will use that wasted space efficiently.

How Long, How High?

Every wardrobe and every closet is different. You'll need a good working relationship with your tape measure to find the best height for each of two stacked rods in your particular closet. But some general guidelines that work for the average closet will easily adapt to yours. Typical double-hang closet poles measure 40.5 inches from the floor for the lower pole and 82 inches from the floor for the upper pole. This allows you to hang jackets and skirts on the top bar and folded pants and shirts on the bottom bar -- or any configuration of those short pieces that makes sense for your wardrobe. Keep like items together for a clean, symmetrical closet look and ease of discovery when you're rummaging around, looking for something to wear. Installing the double poles might mean you have to remove the original hanging bar and upper shelf from an older closet. A single rod that accommodates long gowns and coats as well as shorter items might be 54 to 70 inches from the floor. The empty space below equals expensive square footage that you aren't using.

Kids and Quick Solutions

Children learn to put away their clothes when they can reach the hanging rods. This is actually fun for little ones -- they may spend a long stretch of time putting hangers on and taking them off the rods -- as long as the rods are child-height. So take your stand against piles of clothes on the floor of the teen's bedroom early by re-sizing the closet to fit the kid. Sartorial small fry from ages 3 to 5 can reach a rod positioned at 30 inches from the floor. Hang a second rod above it for out-of season or seldom-worn clothes that taller people can access. Once the little ones gain some height, simply re-position the rods; the kids are already trained to use them. And, if your lone closet rod is high enough so there's already room below it to hang shirts and short items, just hang a closet doubler -- a chrome hanging bar with hooks at the top -- over the existing rod for an instant, construction-free, double-hang closet.