How to Make a Closet into a Reading Nook

Many people enjoy curling up in a cozy space to read a new novel, learn about current events from a newspaper or expand their knowledge on a favorite hobby or pastime through a magazine. A place free from distractions and tucked away from the general hubbub of home life can make reading even more enjoyable. Turn your closet into a comfortable reading nook to steal away some quiet time for yourself. Stock your nook with your favorite reading materials and a plush chair or two to give yourself a mini-oasis within your home.

Turn a closet into a comfortable reading nook.

Step 1

Make space in your closet. Remove all items from the closet, include clothing and shoes. Remove hangers and make more space by taking out superfluous shelving. If desired, leave a few shelves to store books on.

Step 2

Remove the door. With a screwdriver and a hammer, tap underneath the pin that holds the door together to remove it. Remove the hinges with a flat or Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 3

Hang curtains. Install a simple rod in the door frame to your reading nook. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly install the rod. Hang decorative curtains from the rod; use tie-backs keep the space open and inviting or close it off by letting out the ties.

Step 4

Purchase and install a comfortable chair in the closet. Select a chair that provides adequate back support and agreeable seating. If you have the space, find a small love seat and combine it with a small chair to open your reading nook up to guests.

Step 5

Add more furniture. A small table in your reading nook provides a place for you to set a hot beverage, a notebook or pens on. Choose a table with a drawer to stow away your items in when not in use.

Step 6

Install a wall or table lamp in your reading nook. Ensure that the lamp provides enough lighting for you to easily see your reading material.

Step 7

Finish your reading nook with accents. Line the shelves with books, magazines and other reading materials. Place a small rug inside your nook and add a throw blanket or decorative pillows to the seating to enhance its comfort.