Kitchen Island Ideas for Small Kitchens

A kitchen island is a detached counter surface in a kitchen that permits access from all sides. Islands provide additional space for socializing, food prep, cooking or eating. In large kitchens, islands are typically permanent fixtures in the center of the room. Movable islands and carts are a more appropriate option for a small kitchen.

Kitchen islands are used for a variety of functions as they provide additional surface space.

Movable Kitchen Cart

A kitchen cart is a small, movable island. Select a kitchen cart that is compact, but provides extra storage, utility and work space. For example, carts with wood or stainless steel bars beneath can hold kitchen towels or pot holders. Purchase large clothespins to clip desired accessories onto the bars. Roll your cart into a storage area when it is not in use to save space.

Multipurpose Wine Cart

Created for storage in room corners or on outdoor patios, wine carts work well in small kitchens because the tiny surface area is usually just large enough to hold a few beverages at a time. Wine carts are identical to kitchen carts and islands, but also include wine storage space at the base of the units. Shelving may also be included for drink mixers and other bar accessories. If the primary purpose of your island is food prep, store cutting boards underneath the wine cart for easy access. A wine cart rests on two legs and a pair of wheels, so it is stable and sturdy enough for use on marble and polished hardwood floors.

Kitchen Island Table

If you are looking for an island large enough for a seated meal, but still suited to a small kitchen, try an island table. Kitchen island tables have no shelves or bars underneath so that there is room for seating. Although stools or chairs are usually made to be stored underneath the table, make sure that you have walking room behind each chair when the table is in use. Kitchen island tables are also useful in displaying appetizers during house parties and events.

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