How to Decorate a Room That Already Has Wooden Wall Paneling

Wood paneling gives a room a near-instant rustic quality, making you feel almost as though you were in a cabin by a lake. Wood paneling is also a suitable fix for walls that have noticeable flaws or damage on them since they cover up these issues more completely than paint. However, when it comes to decorating a room already fully outfitted in wood paneling, many homeowners might feel that only country-style furniture looks best in such a room. However, this is not your only option.

A wood-paneled room can still have a modern look.

Step 1

Select another main color for the room to use as another component in your color scheme. Your color scheme already includes golden brown or honey-colored wood paneling as one of the main colors. Choose any color you want; it doesn't matter if it contrasts or complements the wood shade. For example, if you want an earthy look to the room, select green or tan. If you want a modern, more avant garde look, select purple or magenta.

Step 2

Select the main piece of furniture for this room, such as a bed, desk or couch, depending on what kind of room this is. This pieces of furniture should match one of the two central colors of your decorating scheme. Select secondary pieces of furniture, such as coffee tables, accents tables, chairs and other items in one of your two decorative colors. The room should have a balance between the two colors you've chosen.

Step 3

Select a third color for your color scheme to help unite the brown and golden tones of the wood with the third color. For example, if you chose green to go with the wood tones, choose orange or red to contrast the two earth colors. Or you could use a dark shade of chocolate brown or hunter green as your third color.

Step 4

Decorate the room with accent pieces in your third color. For example, throw rugs, throw pillows, window treatments, ashtrays and other items should all be in your accent color.