How to Decorate Your House for Good Luck

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Everyone could use a little luck, and your home is the perfect place to try and collect some. As the private space where you unwind, relax and spend time with the special people in your life, your home is an ideal receptacle for positive energy and good luck. Gather as much luck as you possibly can with home decorating tips that incorporate feng shui practices as well as good luck charms from other cultures and beliefs.

Good Luck Colors

The use of color to promote good luck is a concept often used in feng shui. According to its principles, the front door's color is critical to good fortune. Feng shui principles dictate that south-facing doors be red or orange, north-facing doors blue or black, west-facing doors gray or white and east-facing doors brown or green. If your door direction dictates colors you're not fond of, remember that you can incorporate these colors elsewhere in your design. If you dislike orange, add a wreath with some orange touches to your front door rather than painting the entire door orange.

Lucky Numbers

Many people have lucky numbers and these can easily and creatively be incorporated into home decor. If your lucky number is three, hang pictures on the wall in groups of three. If it's a larger number, create an accent wall full of family photos. Arrange knickknacks in this same way or place a certain number of books on each shelf. Fresh flowers are often considered lucky as well, and can be arranged with a certain number in the vase. Avoid flowers with thorns though, as these are often considered unlucky.

Furniture Position

In feng shui, the position of furniture allows energy and luck to flow unhindered through the home. Verify that your furniture is arranged so that energy can flow uninterrupted from your front door to your back door, but create a windier path for the energy if your front door is directly across from your back door. Otherwise, good luck may flow right into and back out of your home too quickly. Arrange your furniture in a circular pattern and avoid sharp edges or corners for a lucky feng shui vibe. Place your bed diagonally across from your bedroom door and never in line with it. In feng shui arrangements, separate eating spaces from living spaces, so break up open concept plans with decorative screens or plants.

Personal Lucky Charms

When decorating your home, don't forget to add the things that make you feel lucky. Some people may wish upon a star while others feel that horseshoes hung over doorways catches luck for the home. Dragonflies, statues of Buddha, Native American dreamcatchers, angels, tigers and crickets are all considered to be lucky by some people, as are bamboo and shamrock plants. Embrace whatever items speak to you personally and include them in your home decor wherever you can. Feature your lucky items as pictures, wallpapers, murals, bedding, knickknacks or in any other way that strikes your fancy to surround yourself with good vibes.

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