How to Remodel Double-Wide Mobile Homes

Whether you have lived in your home for years or are just moving in, you may find that the desire to remodel is a powerful one. Careful planning will provide you with a pleasant environment and help preserve the value of your double-wide mobile home.

Aerial view of mobile homes in Grove Beach, Connecticut
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If your walls are covered in a decorative paneling instead of drywall, you can instantly have a more elegant appearance in any room by refinishing the paneling to appear like finished drywall.

Cabinetry in the kitchens and baths of many double-wide mobile homes is often constructed of a compressed wood product. Unfortunately, these cabinets quickly show wear. Although the cabinets may withstand everyday use for many years, their appearance can be most annoying. A simple facelift will provide you with attractive cabinetry with easy-care qualities.

Resurfacing wall panels

Step 1

Remove all of the paneling trim work at the seams.

Step 2

Remove all protruding nails or screws in the wall panels.

Step 3

Llightly sand the surface of the paneling with a power sander.

Step 4

Cover the gaps with drywall tape and compound, following the manufacturers instructions.

Step 5

Allow 24 hours to dry.

Step 6

Apply a thin topcoat of drywall compound over the wall.

Step 7

Allow 24 hours to dry.

Step 8

Lightly sand the wall for a smooth finish.

Step 9

Paint the walls with a flat or semi-gloss wall paint using colors to work with your decorating scheme.

Resurfacing kitchen cabinetry

Step 10

Remove hardware from cabinets, doors and drawers.

Step 11

Clean all cabinet surfaces, fill in any visible pits with wood putty. Allow putty to dry.

Step 12

Sand cabinet surfaces and areas repaired with wood putty, cleaning all dust and residue from cabinet surfaces.

Step 13

Apply paint tape and newspaper or drop cloth to protect walls and floor.

Step 14

Paint cabinets, doors and drawers with a quality, oil-based enamel or epoxy paint according to manufacturers instructions. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours before re-installing hardware and doors.