What Colors Go With a Green Metal Roof?

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A green metal roof can be a bit bossy, limiting the home's body and trim color options. Color choice is personal, of course; but by observing a few loose rules for achieving a bold or understated design, you can achieve a good-looking exterior that not only you, but also your neighbors will likely appreciate.

It's Easy Being Green

Sage-green siding or stucco under a slightly darker green metal -- or shingle -- roof eases the home into a woodland setting. Delve deeper into the forest facade with green trim and cedar accents -- pillars, porch railings and wall shingles.

Ready for Red?

If you're not prepared to paint your home vivid red to complement its green roof, how about settling for a ruddy brick facade? Such complementary or opposite hues play into one another, maximizing aesthetics. And rough rustic brick offers balance to slick, shiny metal. This particular color pairing has farmhouse charm, especially if you outline every peak and angle with buttercream-white trim. If you still aren't convinced, maybe you'd prefer beige or gray stone paired with a red door to complement the roof.

Wood Looks Good

You may not find a more ideal combination than natural wood siding and a green metal roof, particularly if the home is a lone mountain retreat or nestled among ski chalets. Again, wood and metal textures play off each other, creating balance. If you aren't planning a log-home design or don't have or intend to use wood siding or wall shingles, that's fine. Opt for wood-tone -- cedar, pine, mahogany -- vinyl siding, or work with an existing home, painting old aluminum siding to comply with this look.

Color Safety: Opting for White

Choosing a color for your home's vast field or body is no small matter. If you're stumped or downright frozen by the decision, white may be the safest option. But even white comes in a range of tints. Before you throw up your hands and move into a cave, ask yourself if you're going for a modern or traditional look. Achieve the former with warm white, boasting a hint of yellow, or the latter with pure white, offering a nod to Colonial design.

Lorna Hordos

Lorna Hordos

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