How to Color Plexiglass

Plexiglass is used in windows, doors and many types of furniture and household decorations. Plexiglass can be purchased in various colors in addition to clear sheets. Pigment can be added during the manufacturing process, or thin layers of plastic sheeting can be added after installation to change the color of the plastic. This is called tinting, and is the most cost-effective way to change the color or opacity of your Plexiglass.

This technique will work on glass, Plexiglass or acrylic sheeting.

Step 1

Trim the colored tint to match the size of the Plexiglass surface. Ensure the surface is clean and lint free.

Step 2

Start at the upper left corner of the surface. Line the adhesive sheet up with the corner, and peel back a few inches of the paper backing.

Step 3

Use the card or applicator to press the tint into place and to remove all air bubbles. Push the edge of the card down diagonally toward the bottom right of the surface.

Step 4

Peel back several more inches of paper backing, and press this area flat with the card. Continue removing backing and applying the tint until the process is complete.