Decorating a Mobile Home With Small Bedrooms

Mobile homes arenâ??t known for spaciousness and the bedroom areas usually suffer the most. To make the most of a mobile home with small bedrooms you need to de-clutter your space and freshen your colors and textures. When you choose lighter colors and decorate your small spaces with purposeful application of accents and functional furniture you create a comfortable space to rival any larger homestead.

Even a small mobile home bedroom can be big on style and function.
A pale shade of nearly any color can expand the visual space in a small bedroom.

Brighten the space with new wall paint. Paint paneled mobile home bedroom walls a clean white or pale shade of yellow, light blue or tan to open the space and give the illusion of more room.

A too-large bed will make your small bedroom look cramped and uninviting.

Downsize the beds. Replace a king-sized bed with a Queen or Full sized bed. You can also replace a queen bed in a guest bedroom or kids room with a stylish day bed you can push against the wall and dress up like a sofa when not in use.

An embroidered or tufted texture on a comforter adds visual interest in a small bedroom.

Use a plain comforter on the bed with a fashionable texture instead of a patterned blanket. This will visually enlarge the room and still keep it interesting and inviting.

Sheer curtains can add a splash of color and light to any room.

Hang minimally patterned window dressings. Choose a sheer curtain to allow light into the room, hanging it close to the ceiling to make the window area appear larger.

Search vintage or antique malls to select a unique piece for each room.

Place an extraordinary accessory in each room. One outstanding lamp or piece of artwork will define each room and give it personality.

Dress up shelves with a mix of books, knick knacks and storage boxes.

Take advantage of cutout spaces in the room. Build custom shelves to fit nooks in the mobile home bedroom and provide needed storage without losing floor space.

Today's electric fireplaces feature traditional mantles to enhance your small bedroom stylishly.

Use a portable electric fireplace in one bedroom and take advantage of a small bedroom to create a cozy romantic space in your mobile.

Step 8

Attach a small shelf next to the bed to replace a bedside table to provide storage space without taking up floor space and cluttering the room.