How to Refill Reed Diffusers

A reed diffuser -- a decorative bottle of scented oil into which reeds are placed so they stick a few inches out of the top -- is an attractive way to scent your home. The reeds draw up the oil and freshen the air in the room. You don't light them like a candle, so there's no fire danger or soot particles in the air. They don't run on electricity, so they save energy. And they last for months when you turn the reeds over once a week. But they don't last forever. Easily replace the oil and reeds yourself.

Reed is the only material that will work in a diffuser.

Step 1

Throw away the old reeds after about 6 months of use. They'll be completely saturated with oil and you can't wash them thoroughly enough to use forever, especially if you're using a different scent. New reeds are inexpensive -- 30 reeds for about $3 in 2010. Purchase them from your local craft, home improvement or discount store.

Step 2

Wash the bottle thoroughly with dishwashing liquid and hot water and allow to dry. If you're changing to an oil with a different fragrance, you may need to soak the bottle and wash it more than once to completely remove the scent.

Step 3

Wash decorative items, such as rocks, that were in the oil in the bottle with dishwashing liquid and hot water. If you're going to use an oil with a different scent, and you can't completely remove the smell from the decorative pieces, replace them.

Step 4

Add new scented oil and reeds to the bottle.