When you decorate with snowshoes you create a rustic and nostalgic look in any cottage, cabin or country dwelling. Collect vintage snowshoes and create an eye-catching display or hunt for more unusual, culturally varied snowshoes such as German Infantry snowshoes, Native American snowshoes or vintage snowshoes from Canada or Alaska. Pair up snowshoe displays with antique photographs featuring people snowshoeing through mountains and snow-filled fields to create a cohesive look.

Snowshoes are aesthetically interesting and make for rustic home decor.

Hang your snowshoes on the wall. Simply place the shoes in a criss-cross arrangement or hang them parallel on the wall and hammer a few nails through the mesh to attach.

Line snowshoes up along the toe kick of a home-bar. Alternate the orientation of the shoes to create an interesting pattern. Attach to the bar through the mesh with a staple gun.

Lean a collection of vintage and modern snowshoes against the wall above kitchen cabinets and illuminate with track lighting.

Display snowshoes over a mudroom storage unit. Create a winter display by hanging snowshoes over your coat-cubbies or storage units that hold your family's coats and shoes. Add some vintage ice skates to complete the look.

Step 5

Place snowshoes under glass to make a unique coffee table. Purchase a display-coffee table that features a hinged glass top and a display area. Lay your snowshoes onto the provided shelf and close to display.

Wrap a circular wastebasket with snowshoes. Use hot glue to attach snowshoes around the wastebasket to create a unique rustic accessory that is functional as well.

Use snowshoes as a backdrop for coat hooks. Take one snowshoe and hang it on the wall lengthwise. Screw coat hooks through the shoe and into the wall at equal intervals along the length of the shoe.

Step 8

Lay snowshoes on a shelving bracket in the bathroom to create a rustic toiletry shelf for towels and toothbrushes. Screw them to the bracket to secure.