How to Repair Leather That a Cat Scratched

Cats and kittens have a natural urge to sink their claws into surfaces. If there are no scratching posts or suitable surfaces around, they will resort to other surfaces. Unfortunately, leather furniture sometimes ends up being the target of these scratches. Small, superficial scratches can be fixed relatively quickly. Larger scratches can be filled and colored to return the surface to a more appealing state.

Pet owners' leather couches may receive some cat scratches over time,

Small Scratches

Step 1

Clean your leather with a damp washcloth and a drop of liquid dish soap. Rinse the washcloth with warm water, ring it out and wash off any residue on the leather. Rub leather cleaner into the leather and let it set for a day.

Step 2

Use a clean, dry washcloth to apply a small amount of shoe polish to the scratched area. Apply the polish in small circles over the damaged areas. Find a shoe polish that matches the color of your leather.

Step 3

Use another clean cloth to buff the polish and even it out. This will help with small scratches, and should be repeated whenever the color fades.

Large Scratches

Step 1

Clean the damaged area with a damp washcloth and a drop of liquid dish soap.

Step 2

Use 320-grit sandpaper to remove larger pieces from the scratched area. Work in a small, circular motion. Switch to 1200-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface further.

Step 3

Clean the area with leather cleaner and let it dry.

Step 4

Spread a small amount of leather filler into the scratched areas using a palette knife.

Step 5

Use the 1200-grit sandpaper and work in small circles to smooth out the filled areas.

Step 6

Blend a leather colorant onto the filler with a sponge. Add more coats if needed to evenly blend the color to match the leather. Seal the surface with a lacquer spray.