How to Use a Smartparts Digital Picture Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • Smartparts frame

  • USB cable (included)

  • AC adaptor (included)


The Smartparts digital picture frame works best with JPEG images. Change your image types before saving them to the frame.

Smartparts digital picture frames provide a way to display your favorite digital pictures without printing them out. In digital picture frames, photos are stored to a memory card inserted in the frame, and the screen on the frame displays the picture of your choosing. If you prefer to see all of the photographs saved to the memory card, you can create a slide show to display them.

Installing Images

Step 1

Connect the picture frame to your computer by plugging one end of the supplied USB cable into your Smartparts picture frame and the other end into your computer. After several seconds, your computer will recognize the picture frame as an external device.

Step 2

Click on "My Computer" on your computer and open the drive containing the digital picture frame. In the driver is a folder named "DCIM."


Step 3

Copy and paste all pictures that you want on the picture frame into the "DCIM" folder. If you do not put the pictures in this folder, they will not appear on the frame screen during playback.

Displaying Pictures

Step 1

Plug the Smartparts AC adapter into a power outlet and press the "Power" button on the frame or the remote control to turn on the frame. A setup screen with your viewable folders will appear on the screen.

Step 2

Choose the folder you wish to view by highlighting it with the left or right arrow buttons on the remote control and press "Enter." Your pictures will appear as thumbnails on the screen.


Step 3

Choose a picture to display by highlighting it and then pressing the "Enter" button. The full picture will appear on the screen.

Step 4

Press the "Slideshow" button on the remote control or frame to create a slide show of all the pictures stored on the memory card.

Step 5

Return to the menu selection screen by pressing the "Exit" button on the remote control or your frame.



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