How to Redecorate an Old Camper

Did you inherit an old camper? You may want to change the overall look and interior decor. The vintage designs of old campers offer a great platform for redecorating it in a fresh, updated style. You can easily preserve the vintage look but make your old camper look and smell new again. Then you'll be ready for a family road trip.

Step 1

Remove all unnecessary items from the camper. Clean the inside thoroughly, including the floors.

Step 2

Prepare for painting. Tape the corners of the walls and lay down a drop cloth.

Step 3

Open all windows and the door for ventilation, then paint over the wood paneling. (Or, you can apply Old English scratch remover to renew the look of the old wood.) Allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 4

Re-upholster the sitting area in the trailer.

Step 5

Remove any old curtains from the camper, and hang new curtains.

Step 6

Place new bedspreads on the beds. Add throw pillows to beds and couches.

Step 7

Add throw rugs to create a sense of updated style and coziness.

Julie Boehlke

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