Can You Use Cast Iron on a Ceramic Cooktop?

Ceramic cooktops can provide years of kitchen service if appropriately utilized and maintained. Since the surface is glazed to protect the ceramic, it is highly susceptible to scratching. Certain types of cast iron can be used on these cooktops.

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Ceramic cooktop stoves provide a seamless look.

Acceptable Cast-Iron Cookware

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New cast iron cookware must have smooth bottoms.

Although it isn't advisable to use older cast-iron cookware on ceramic cooktop stoves, modern cast-iron vessels with flat bottoms instead of raised-ring bottoms can be safely used, says the Cookware Manufacturers Association. The bottoms must be totally smooth and free of any carbon buildup or nicks, as these will mar the ceramic.

Prohibitive Features

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Enamel or paint give cast iron stylish color.

Smooth-bottomed cast iron cookware coated with enamel is acceptable as long as the coating does not extend to the bottom of the pans. Enamel or paint on the bottom of pans may permanently adhere to ceramic stovetops, rendering them unusable or voiding warranty terms.

Safe Pan Handling

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Don't slide cast iron over a ceramic cooktop.

Regardless of the cookware material, avoid dragging pots and pans across the surface of ceramic cooktops to prevent scratching and etching. Gently place cookware atop the surface to avoid cracking the cooktop.

Casting Doubt

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Stainless steel is a lighter weight option.

Although it's difficult to beat the searing qualities of a cast-iron skillet, for everyday cooking, stainless steel is a safer more-often recommended cookware for ceramic cooktop stoves. Aluminum-bottomed pots can leave metal residue or dark streaks on the ceramic.