How to Fasten Items to Exterior Brick

Hanging outdoor decorations, window boxes and screens can be a great way to dress up the exterior of your home. Mounting anything to exterior brick takes a little more planning than hanging items on drywall or wood. Brick has a tendency to crumble when you drill into it and the screw holes will erode over time with pressure from the screws and the weight of whatever item you hung up. Using the right tools is essential to doing the job.

Hang a window box on the exterior of your house.

Step 1

Brace or hold the object up with your hands to determine the approximate height and position. Mark the top and both sides with a light pencil mark.

Step 2

Measure from the top of the object to whatever too will be used to attach it to the wall. Flag poles and window planters, for example, are held in place with a bracket. A dartboard or wall hanging will have a wire hanger on the back. Measure the distance from the top and sides of the object to its hanging mechanism. This measurement will help you determine where to drill into the brick wall.

Step 3

Measure the same distance from the top and side pencil marks on the wall and place another small mark.

Step 4

Drill a pilot hole at the pencil mark. Use a masonry bit to drill a hole in the wall. Make sure you use a masonry bit as a regular drill bit will be ruined after being used in a brick wall. Choose a spot in the brick rather than the masonry. Masonry is more likely to crumble and will be less sturdy than brick.

Step 5

Insert a concrete anchor or molly into the hole. A molly is a metal bracket that will expand in the hole and grip onto the brick, creating a more sturdy hold. Gently tap the molly into place with a hammer.

Step 6

Insert a screw into the molly and use a screwdriver to twist it into place. Hang your object up on the wall.