How to Move a Wall Mirror so It Doesn't Break

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Things You'll Need

  • Heavy gloves with rubber gripping

  • Masking tape

  • Bubble paper

  • Thick blanket

  • Fitted boxes

With extra care, your mirror can look just as good in your new place.

Moving is tricky business. All of your breakable items are at risk when you make a move, and wall mirrors are no exception. Since they are not only fragile, but often big and bulky, mirrors create a special challenge to get from one place to another. You'll need to follow several steps and precautions to ensure your wall mirror arrives at your new location in one piece.


Step 1

Ask a friend or neighbor to help you if the mirror is very heavy or large. Don't assume you can handle it alone; one wrong move can cause the demise of your wall mirror.

Step 2

Put on heavy work gloves with rubber gripping. Not only will these gloves provide extra grip when you handle the mirror, they will protect the delicate silver coating on the back of the mirror.

Step 3

Remove the mirror from the wall slowly, using both hands. If two people are removing the mirror, one person should be on each side.


Step 4

Lean the mirror against a wall or sturdy surface to prepare for the move.

Step 5

Place masking tape on the mirror diagonally from corner to corner, forming a large X across the mirror. Make another small X at each corner.

Step 6

Wrap the mirror in bubble paper. Add another layer by wrapping it in a thick blanket if you feel it needs more padding.

Step 7

Place the wrapped mirror in a fitted box and tape it shut. Flat, fitted boxes can be purchased at most moving supply stores. Make sure to mark the box "Mirror" or "Fragile."


Step 8

Carry the box to the vehicle for transporting, using two hands and two people if necessary. Load it carefully and pack it securely in an area where it will not slide or be hit with sliding or falling objects.



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