How to Make a Basket Out of a Towel

People who have taken trips on cruise ships or who have stayed in Disney World are familiar with towel animals and decorative items. Clever folding and pinning techniques are used to create things to decorate a room, all using towels. With one bath towel and a matching washcloth, you can make a decorative basket to use in your powder room or fill with toiletries for a gift.

Step 1

Lay the bath towel out flat on the table with the longer edge running up and down and the shorter one running across. Bring the bottom edge up to meet the top edge, creating a fold at the bottom and a two-layered towel.

Step 2

Use your finger to draw a line across the entire width of the towel about one-third of the way down. Do this again about one-third of the way up. This will show very light fold lines. Fold the top edges down along the first fold line that you drew. This will bring the edges to the second fold line. Bring the bottom edge that contains the fold up along the second line that you drew. This will bring the folded edge up to the top of the new fold in the towel.

Step 3

Hold the right-hand edge of this folded stack and open up the layers, creating an opening. Slip the entire left-hand edge, including all layers, into this opening. Use a large safety pin to secure this edge into the opening. This has created a loop of fabric, pinned together.

Step 4

Open up the loop and stand it on edge, leaving the bottom edge touching the table and the top edge up. There will be two folded layers standing up touching each other. Bring the inside layer down inside the loop to create the bottom of the basket.

Step 5

Lay the washcloth down with the corners pointing up, down and to the sides. Begin at the bottom corner, and tightly roll up towards the top. When the entire washcloth has been made into a cylinder, pin each end to a side of the towel basket to create the handle.