How to Decorate a Bedroom With Christmas Lights

Christmas brings out the decorating bug as you deck the outside and inside areas of your home with strands of lights. However, you can decorate a bedroom year round with holidays lights for a bright, festive touch appropriate for any season. Lights come in several different forms, such as bulbs, rope lights, icicles and LED. Lights also are available in a variety of colors, such as reds, blues, greens, whites, purples and golds to create a range of moods and effects in bedroom decor.

Using different types of lights add sparkle to a bedroom's decor.

Step 1

Plug in all lights first to test them. Replace bulbs that have burned out. Plug in a string of lights before you start decorating with it so you can see the effect as you work.

Step 2

Place a strand of lights around the perimeter of each bedroom window. Tape the wire in place every 3 inches. For a different look, tape hanging icicle lights across the tops of windows, allowing the lights to dangle into the window as an illuminated valance or panel.

Step 3

Run rope lights along the perimeter of the ceiling. Tape them in place or use hooks large enough to accommodate the rope lights. Bring the lights down the corners of the room. Place rope lights around the mirrors and along the edges of shelves for added reflection and shine. If you don't want the tape to show, use clear tape instead. Hooks also work along shelf or windowsill edges.

Step 4

Incorporate lights with greenery throughout the room. Mix icicle lights with ivy, wrap twinkling lights around the stalks of a potted palm or bamboo plant or festoon the branches of a ficus tree with lights in a startling color, such as purple.

Step 5

Staple lengths of tulle so they hang down the sides of a door opening. Pull the tulle back by wrapping it with strands of twinkle lights. Or combine tulle and twinkle lights to create a swag above a window or bed.