How to Make Underwater Flower Centerpieces

An underwater floral centerpiece turns a run-of-the-mill vase of flowers into a stunning display suitable for any occasion. Tall, narrow clear glass vessels serve as the structural element for your display; flamboyant blooms such as roses, lilies or orchids show off their elegant looks even more when underwater, as the water tends to magnify them a bit. Clean any bits of dirt and debris off the selected flowers and stems before placing them in water, as those tiny particles may dislodge and float atop your display.

Step 1

Inspect the flowers closely to remove any petals that are starting to wilt or that are damaged.

Step 2

Hold each flower next to the glass vessel that will contain it. If you plan to include the stem in your display, trim it at a slight angle using garden shears so the flower stands 1/2 to 2/3 of the size of its respective vase or container. If you're including just the blooms of a flower, trim the stem so an inch or so of stem remains. This part of the stem allows you to tie on a weight so the flower doesn't float. If you don't mind if the flower floats, trim off the entire stem.

Step 3

Run a small piece of floral wire through a fishing weight. Wrap the floral wire around the base of a flower stem to weigh it down in the vase. Skip this step if you want the flowers to move around underwater.

Step 4

Set the weighted flower in the glass vase, holding it up with your fingertips so it is centered. Gently place a few polished river pebbles or glass floral gems in the vase so they surround the stem and hide the fishing weight.

Step 5

Pour distilled water into the vase around the flower while holding the flower steady. Pour in enough water to cover the top of the flower by at least 3/4 inch. If you're creating a floating flower display, add the flower or flowers on top once the water reaches within an inch or two of the top of the glass container.