How to Restore Dried Out Leather

You cannot repair all leather damage, but you can restore some dried out leather by cleaning dirt out of its pores and applying a leather-friendly conditioner and sealer. Use products that moisturize the hide and seal in the moisture without damaging the hide. While there are many manufactured leather care products on the market that work, natural products are less likely to clog leather pores with longer lasting results. Avoid bending leather while you are restoring it because leather is weakened when the fibers are dry.

You can restore leather if it is not too severely damaged.

Step 1

Wet the first cloth with warm water, wring out excess water. Wipe the leather to remove dirt and moisten the surface. If you are working on a large item, do one section at a time so you can apply the leather conditioner while the hide is still moist from cleaning.

Step 2

Apply a drop of conditioner leather about the size of a quarter to the second cloth, and begin rubbing it into the slightly moist leather. Use a circular motion and slight pressure to push the conditioner into the dried-out pores, but do not push hard enough to damage the leather.

Step 3

Apply a drop of leather sealer about the size of a quarter to the third cloth, and apply the sealer to the leather by rubbing it on using a circular motion. If your sealer is in a spray bottle, mist it onto the section of leather you are restoring and then buff it in using a circular motion.