Is Left or Right the Etiquette for Residential Flag Flying?

Flying the American flag entails much more than putting the flag on a staff and hanging it outside. Flag etiquette is governed by flag code, a set of rules designed to respect the symbol of the U.S.

Residential display of the American flag

Primary Flag

According to the U.S. Flag Code, the American flag must be flown in a place of superiority. No other flag can be flown higher than or to the right of the American flag, unless flown in a procession.

Flat Display

When displaying the flag flat against a surface, without a staff, it must be displayed on the far left. All other flags must be displayed to the flag's right. The blue stars, or union field, on the U.S. flag must be to the right.

Crossed Staffs

The U.S. Flag Code specifies that the American flag in a crossed formation must be positioned to the far right. The staff of the American flag must be placed on top or in front of the staffs of the other flags.

Flying with Others

When flown with the flags of cities, counties and states, the American flag must be flown in the center of the other flags and positioned higher than the others.

International Flying Mates

The American flag must be flown on a separate staff than the flags of other countries. The U.S. Flag Code also specifies that the American flag can be flown at equal heights, but that the two flags must be of the same size.