Recycled or reclaimed barn tin can be used to create a rustic look with a bit of a twist and a bit of history to your home. A green building product, recycled barn tin is taken from existing, old barns when they're torn down. Reclaimed tin can be purchased from many home improvement stores, or if you're lucky, you may find a farmer willing to sell directly to you.

Old barn with tin roof


Because a lot of old barn tin comes in sheets or tiles, it's a good product for a variety of remodeling projects around the house. If you like the rustic look but you're sick of all the wood, try installing a ceiling of corrugated, rusted tin panels. Reclaimed, painted tin tiles can add a soft country touch to a kitchen, especially when used as a back splash. Yet, reclaimed tin can be used to create more than just a rustic, country look. Instead of a bold, bright color, use recycled barn tin for a single wall of a room to give the room a rough, modern, industrial look. Reclaimed tin can also be painted and sealed if a more contemporary style is desired.


Other than building projects, one of the most popular uses for recycled or reclaimed tin is furniture. Recycled tin has been used to create headboards and footboards for beds, backs for chairs and tops for tables. If metal cabinetry is up your alley, think about refinishing your existing cabinet doors with recycled tin. For a more rustic look, corrugated tin can be attached to the front of a wooden door, but for a smoother look, stick with the flat sheets. Add a bit of color to your cabinets by spray painting the metal with a metal paint, such as Rustoleum, and sealing them before attaching the tin to the front of the cabinet.

Home annd Garden Decor

You've probably seen metal wall decor, but you probably weren't aware most of it comes from recycled and reclaimed tin. Home decor, such as punched metal wall sconces, sculpted metal candle holders, tin tile frames and rustic metal shelves, is frequently made from reclaimed tin. Garden decor, such as lanterns, signs, figurines and even planters, can be created or decorated with reused barn tin.