How to Get Room Dividers to Stand on Carpet

When you have a large space, room dividers can help segment it into different areas. For example, in a studio apartment, you can use a room divider to shield your bed and give a feel of separation. Some room dividers consist of separate panels while others consist of one large panel that stands on legs. It may be difficult to balance a room divider when you have carpet, but there are solutions.

Give a room some privacy by adding a divider.

Step 1

Place one heavy piece of furniture on either side of a one-panel room divider. Use a bookshelf, nightstand or any item that has considerable weight. The furniture leaning against either side acts as a brace to balance the divider on the carpet.

Step 2

Make bigger folds in a multi-panel folding room divider. The less-open the panels are, the more balance the unit will achieve. Line several up in a row if you need a longer wall.

Step 3

Stand the room divider upright and line the areas where the divider meets the carpet with heavy, short accessories on either side. Display a rock collection, antique irons, ceramic sculpture or anything that meets your tastes. Space them evenly on either side throughout its length. The weight of the objects will hold the divider in place, preventing it from easily falling.

Step 4

Install L-shaped brackets on either side of the room divider if it has a wooden frame. Screw several into place on either side of the frame. The brackets act as legs giving the divider added balance on the carpet.