How to Fix a Retractable Banner Stand

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Table


If you experience problems with your banner stand, you can contact the manufacturer. If the piece is under warranty, then you shouldn't have any problems getting it repaired or replaced.

Retractable banner stands are pull-down screens that you can use as a miniature movie screen for any kind of projector. However, sometimes these banner stands decide to be problematic by not rolling up or remaining loose and hanging. Fortunately, if you have a screwdriver and some basic mechanical aptitude, you can usually fix a most of the problems with banner stands.

Step 1

Roll the banner stand up if possible. If not, due to a loose rolling mechanism, lay the banner stand carefully down on its side on a table. Leave the right-hand end of the cylinder slightly hanging off the edge so that you have easy access to it.

Step 2

Unscrew the cover plate. There will be anywhere from four to eight screws holding the cover in place. Set the screws aside carefully.

Step 3

Slowly turn the plate clockwise. The plate is connected to the inner mechanism, and by turning it manually you are rolling up the banner stand. Continue rolling until you have the stand completely rolled up tightly.

Step 4

Set the banner stand back up and pull the screen down again to check how well it works. This may correct a loose roll and return the banner stand to normal function. If the spring is broken though, the screen will not roll up on its own. However, you can still manually roll the screen back up to the closed position. Once completed, replace the screws in the plate.


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