How to Install a Quarter Round Ceramic Tile Trim

Quarter round tile trim is most often thin, narrow and delicate in appearance. Installing it is like adding the icing to a cake. It's the finishing touch that pulls the design elements of a tile installation all together. The small details like quarter round make a project sing. This particular ceramic trim offers a beautiful completion to any tile installation.

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Step 1

Lay the field tile for the installation. Field tile are the tiles that fill the large expanses of the tile installation.

Step 2

Trim the edges of the the installation with the quarter round ceramic tile trim. Pick up each piece trim one at a time and apply, mortar or mastic to the back of it with a trowel or small spatula. Don't skimp on the adhesive.

Step 3

Press the quarter round in place. Wiggle it slightly back and forth to ensure good adhesion to the bed of the installation.

Step 4

Stand back from the installation periodically and check that the quarter round trim is reading straight. If its not, readjust individual pieces.

Step 5

Allow the mortar or mastic to set up before applying grout.

B. Ellen von Oostenburg

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