How to Make Saloon Door Out of Plantation Shutters

Add some spice to a doorway in your home with a swinging saloon door. Instead of purchasing an already-assembled saloon door, create your own from plantation shutters. Fashion old shutters from a salvage yard or your home into a saloon door. You'll add a funky, rustic and inviting touch to a doorway and save some room in a landfill where the shutters may have wound up.

Repurposing plantation shutters for a saloon door is moderately difficult.

Step 1

Position the shutters in the doorway. Hold them against the inner edge of the doorway, and determine where you would like them to attach.

Step 2

Place a pencil mark 2 inches from the top and bottom of the outer side of the shutters as they are in position in the doorway. Make marks on the doorway that line up with the marks on the shutters.

Step 3

Screw swinging door hinges into the top and bottom of the shutters over the pencil marks.

Step 4

Attach the shutters to the doorway. Screw the hinges that are attached to the shutters onto the pencil marks on the doorway.