How to Determine the Best Reclining Chairs

If you love your den or family room but don't like the old, uncomfortable chairs that make your back and bottom hurt, find the best recliners to save your posture. Recliners come in a variety of sizes and colors, but some will be better for your spine than others. Chief traits among the best rated chairs are price and comfort. Other important factors are how the recliner fits your home's décor and its functionality.

Good recliners take a bit of research to find.

Step 1

Look in catalogs and at online retailers such as Overstock, Pottery Barn, American Signature and Badcock for recliners. Find recliners within your budget and that are aesthetically pleasing to you. Make a list of possible candidates including where you found it, the price, availability and a brief description.

Step 2

Read the customer reviews on the websites. If possible, arrange your search for "most popular" to find the recliners most often purchased by other customers. Look for the availability of the chairs -- the less available, the more in demand the recliner is.

Step 3

Read the product description carefully. Look for details that would disqualify the recliner from your list -- for instance, if it requires extensive assembly or the height of the chair will not accommodate your body length. Also read return terms and details.

Step 4

Research consumer publications for recalls and for ratings. Look in consumer advocacy publications for the best-rated recliners and when you find ones you like, look to see if there have been any recalls.

Step 5

Look for recliners that have ratings by chiropractors and orthopedic doctors. Some recliners have the backing of medical professionals and associations for maintaining posture and providing pain relief to owners.

Step 6

Contact home staging companies to ask which recliners they use when staging a home for sale. These recliners will be among the most aesthetically pleasing.