Fake cobwebs help make decorating your home for Halloween conjure a spooky sensation. Cobwebs lend modern furnishings an unkempt, eerie appearance. String cobwebs that you make yourself over picture frames and across door frames. Drape DIY cobwebs over bookshelves and on mirrors. Insert faux spiders or other plastic insects into the spider webs for a more realistic appearance. For a glitz effect, spray a light coat of glitter over the otherwise white cobwebs after they are in position.

Decorate your office as well as your home with cobwebs.


Step 1

Use a sheet of cheesecloth to make more durable cobwebs that are ideal for decorating larger spaces, such as for covering a table, wall or piece of furniture.

Step 2

Cut a piece of cheesecloth to fit the space you are going to decorate.

Step 3

Pull the cheesecloth apart until it resembles cobwebs. Drape the cheesecloth over the desired space.


Step 4

Cut the legs off a pair of pantyhose in white, black or neon colors and slit the pantyhose lengthwise so it is a flat section.

Step 5

Pull the pantyhose apart using your hands to form large holes and cobweb designs.

Step 6

Swathe the pantyhose over a framed photograph, a chandelier or another small object or small group of objects; this type of cobweb is ideal for areas less than 2 feet in diameter to give the best impression of a cobweb.

Hot Glue

Step 7

Surround a small object, such as a flower vase or apothecary jar, with 4 to 8 hot glue pads.

Step 8

Apply a dot of hot glue to one of the pads. Stretch the glue over the object you are decorating to another hot glue pad.

Step 9

Continue adding strands of hot glue over and around the object using the hot glue pads as bases. Allow the glue dots to dry and peel them off the pads; leave the glue dots and strands in place to complete the cobweb.