How to Prepare a Floral Foam Oasis For Fresh Flower Arrangements

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Things You'll Need

  • Floral oasis foam

  • Plastic or leak-proof oasis container

  • Green floral tape

  • Water

  • Floral preservative

  • A container for your floral arrangement

  • flowers, greenery, or whatever medium you choose to use for your arrangement


It is recommended that the floral foam should be used only once. Dispose of the foam and add new for the next arrangement. Obviously, the plastic oasis can be washed and re-used. Check the container's water every day, adding moisture as needed

Fresh Floral Arrangement

Save money by making your own fresh floral arrangements for your home. Why pay exorbitant prices for pre-made arrangements, when you can make them yourself for less than half the price that they are sold for.

Live flower arrangements are refreshing and chic, adding that final, special touch to your decor... not to mention being a fabulous gift for any occasion.

One of the main staples that you will need to help preserve the freshness, beauty and longevity of a fresh flower arrangement, is floral oasis foam. If you have not used floral foam before, the following are tips and easy directions for preparing a floral foam oasis.

Choose Proper Floral Foam

Choose the proper type of foam for live floral arrangements. Purchase the dark green, spongy foam, called oasis foam. Oasis foam is easy to penetrate with delicate stems and will hold the water that is needed to help keep your arrangement fresher for an extended period of time. The hard textured, bright green plastic or Styrofoam blocks are generally used for silk and plastic arrangements.

Gather Floral Oasis supplies

Purchase a plastic oasis container, found at your local craft store as shown here. The oasis container will have "teeth" in the bottom to help hold and secure the floral foam. If you are going to be placing the oasis in a pot, basket or other container, make sure that the oasis you choose will fit into the container that you have selected. If the container you are using for an oasis doesn't have teeth in it to grip the foam, use green floral tape wrapped around the oasis and foam to keep it secure. This part will not show when the arrangement is completed.

Cut To Fit

Cut your foam with a knife to fit into the bottom of the oasis. The foam should stand approximately 1-2 or more inches above the top of the container. When fitting your foam into the oasis container, you will want to cut off the corners if need be. The pieces that you cut off can also be stuffed on the sides to help ensure a 'tighter' fit.

Add Water Inlets

After you have your foam cut and in the oasis container, using a knife, make approximately 6-8 "x" shaped watering inlet holes in your foam (depending upon the size of your arrangement).

Add Water & Soak

Slowly add water to thoroughly soak the floral foam, making sure to take advantage of the inlet holes that you prepared in previous step. Let stand approximately 30 minutes before adding your floral arrangement. You can also add floral preservative at this time if you choose, which will help your flower arrangement last longer.

Have Fun Arranging

Have fun making your floral arrangement, find a special spot to place it, and enjoy. Watch for my next articles on fresh floral, greenery, vegetable and fruit arrangement ideas.