How to Make a Floral Swag

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Things You'll Need

  • Swag form (wire or plastic)

  • Silk flowers or dried flowers

  • Floral foam

  • Floral tape

  • Scissors

  • Knife

  • Wire cutters


Make holes in the foam with wire before inserting the flower stems. If you're making this project alone, unroll the floral tape as you go, holding the tape end securely as you wrap.


When using a knife to cut the foam, place the block securely on a table, and hold it steady before you cut.

Flower Swag

Floral swags are lovely additions to any home décor. They can bring a touch of color and interest to an otherwise bland doorway or empty wall space. Making a floral swag is easy and can be completed in less than 1 hour. You'll be thrilled with the simplicity of this crafting project and will likely make more than one before you're done. Also consider making floral swags as gifts for the "craft-challenged" people in your life.


Step 1

Cut the floral foam to fit the swag form. Use a tautly stretched piece of wire to slice or cut carefully with a knife. You do not need to shape the foam to fit perfectly, as the flowers will naturally follow the curve of the swag and cover the foam.

Step 2

Attach the foam to the swag form using the floral tape. Carefully cut the tape to the desired length without letting it touch anything. Floral tape is quite sticky. Wrap the tape around the foam and the form, securing them together on both sides.

Step 3

Trim the stems off of the flowers if necessary, making sure you leave enough length to fit securely into the floral foam. Less is not more in this project, so be sure to have lots of flowers at your disposal. Also remember to leave some of the leaves, as they add a touch of realism.


Step 4

Insert the flowers into the floral foam at least 3 to 4 inches. Shape and design your swag until the overall effect pleases you. A full arrangement is nicer than a sparsely created one, so don't be shy with the flowers.

Step 5

Hang the swag wherever the flowers will brighten your day.



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