How to Care for Topiaries. Topiary is the art of shaping plants, by careful pruning, into fanciful shapes or forms. Topiary plants are usually grown in containers and require constant shaping. Here is a simple guide for topiary care.

Step 1

Keep the soil moist on most topiary plants. Ivy, boxwood and evergreens will turn brown on the edges of the leaves if allowed to dry out between watering.

Step 2

Prevent the pot from sitting in water. Standing water in the saucer will cause root rot. Fill the saucer with gravel to keep the roots up, out of direct contact with water.

Step 3

Fertilize during the growing season. Avoid overfertilizing topiary plants, because you want to prevent excessive growth. A slow release fertilizer applied in the spring is all that most topiary plants require.

Step 4

Keep stray branches and vines tucked inside the form.

Step 5

Train vines back onto the support frame. You may need to tie woody vining plants onto the form with twist ties.

Step 6

Prune long or rapid growth back to the main body of the topiary with bypass pruners. Pruning promotes bushy growth, which will fill out a topiary and make it appear lush.