How to Attach Fresh Flowers to a Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Bucket

  • Ice water

  • Floral foam for fresh flowers

  • Knife

  • Wood picture frame

  • Waterproof floral tape

  • Sphagnum moss

  • Floral wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Flowers

  • Sturdy jar

  • Small picture frame with stand


Make the flower frames as close to the event date as possible.


Make a copy of the photo so it's not ruined if it gets wet from the floral foam.

Frsshly cut roses last longer in arrangements.

Fresh flowers surrounding a photo of the birthday girl, wedding couple or anniversary pair make an unusual and stunning centerpiece for a party or dinner. Use the freshest flowers possible with strong stems. Cover the frame completely or just put a mini bouquet in each corner. Make the frames ahead of time and keep them misted with water in a cooler. Insert the photo at the last minute.


Step 1

Cut an inch off the stems of the flowers. Plunge them into a bucket of ice water for at least an hour. This allows the flowers to absorb more water and stay fresher longer.

Step 2

Remove the glass and backing from the frame.

Step 3

Cut four blocks of floral foam that are 1 1/2 inch thick and the same size as the frame.

Step 4

Soak the blocks in water for 30 minutes. Remove and let drain.


Step 5

Fasten the foam to the frame by wrapping with waterproof floral tape. This is sturdier tape than the floral tape used for corsages. Wrap at each corner and once in the middle of each side.

Step 6

Spread out the sphagnum moss into a sheet. Wrap the floral foam with the moss.

Step 7

Secure the moss to the foam by wrapping floral wire gently around the moss, foam and frame. It should be snug but not cutting into the foam. One wrap every 3 inches works well.


Step 8

Prop the frame against sturdy jar so it's in the same position it will be when displayed.

Step 9

Cut the stems of the flowers to 1 inch. Poke the stems of the large flowers into the frame equal distances apart. Angle the flowers slightly so some are pointing down a bit, some up, some right and some left. You don't want them marching in a straight line around the frame.

Step 10

Poke the medium size flowers in between the large flowers. Fill in gaps with the small flowers. Add baby's breath where needed for a full look.

Step 11

Prop the frame against a smaller frame that has the photo in it. The inside of the smaller frame should just fit inside the flower-covered frame.


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