How To Place Area Rugs on Laminate Flooring

Area rugs can add a decorative statement to your home and protect your laminate floors from scratching and dirt. Laminate flooring is very durable and does not require a certain type of area rug. You can highlight or downplay your flooring with area rugs. You can create focal points with area rugs, or the rugs can guide your eyes to the focal point. These rugs are very versatile and can serve many purposes, depending on your needs.

Step 1

Highlight your laminate floors by choosing a small rug in a soft color. Avoid bright colors. You can also use a rug that has the floor's color tones in it. This will make the rug seem to be a part of the floor, drawing attention to the whole floor and not just the rug. Place the rug out in the middle of the floors, and do not hide them completely under furniture.

Step 2

Downplay the existing laminate floors by using large area rugs. These rugs can have bold patterns and colors that draw attention away from the floor.

Step 3

To make the rug the focal point, use an area rug that makes a statement. Bold colors and patterns will draw the eyes to the rug as the focal point. The size of a focal point rug can be any size.

Step 4

Make the furniture the focal point by using rugs that have subdued patterns or softer hues. Make sure the rug is not too busy for the furniture. Competing focal points overwhelm a room.