How to Clean Saltillo Tile. Popular in the South, Mexican Saltillo tile is a beautiful, rustic, natural-looking tile made from sun-dried clay. It is commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, breakfast nooks and sun rooms. The tile is sturdy and reliable but can be tricky to clean. Read on to learn how to clean Saltillo tile.

Step 1

Sweep and vacuum the entire floor. Engage the brush on your vacuum for better results. Be careful not to bang your vacuum around on the tile and risk chipping it.

Step 2

Check for loose tile, cracks, chips or debris. Saltillo is sturdy, but it does have sensitivities and can become scratched and damaged. If you have serious cracks, you may need to reseal. Investigate this issue further before doing a thorough cleaning.

Step 3

Rinse and scrub the floor with water to remove surface dirt.

Step 4

Purchase a tile cleaner that is specifically made for Saltillo. Unfortunately, this kind of tile needs special treatment, so your options are limited when it comes to product. Buy a "deep" cleaner that removes dirt and grease, no matter which brand. Carefully follow the directions.

Step 5

Finish your cleaning with a gentle polish. Saltillo hates wax, but it loves polish. There are plenty of polishes available that are safe to use.