A dramatic and decorative ceiling is a great way to give a room some flair. There are several design options available, depending on your style and structural needs.

A tray ceiling has a slightly raised center portion.


Pressed metal or ceramic tiles have a decorative design and add an old-fashioned antique look to the ceiling. Wood panels are another decorative possibility.


A tray ceiling has a slightly raised center portion. For example, a typical 8-foot ceiling in a tray style would have a 9-foot high portion in the center that slopes gradually to the 8-foot portion.


A cathedral ceiling angles to a point upward from the walls, adding a dramatic flair. Normal ceiling height is 8 feet, but cathedral ceilings are often 15 feet or more.


A dropped ceiling, also known as a suspended ceiling, is a means of lowering a ceiling that may be too high or to hide blemishes or exposed piping in the ceiling. Metal or wooden braces suspend from the current ceiling in grid with removable ceiling panels.


A hard form of plaster, stucco provides texture to a ceiling, as well as a protective coating. You can use a trowel to apply it or spray it on.