How to Make a Ceiling Swag

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Sheer fabric (e.g. tulle or organza)

  • Scissors

  • Ladder

  • Staple gun

  • Staples

Add instant drama to any room with a swag of sheer fabric.

Ceiling swags are long pieces of fabric draped from the ceiling. They are typically made using sheer, lightweight fabrics such as tulle or organza. A swag adds instant mood and atmosphere to any room. The sheer fabric closes in a large room, making it feel more intimate and romantic, so this technique is ideal for special occasions like weddings, formal dances, birthday parties and anniversaries. Drape one or many swags from the ceiling to create the perfect setting.

Step 1

Measure from the center of the ceiling to the area where you want the swag to drape to. Most swags begin in the middle of the room and end in a corner. Measure this distance and add about 2 feet for draping.

Step 2

Cut the fabric to the appropriate length.

Step 3

Place the ladder in the center of the room and ascend it with your fabric and staple gun.

Step 4

Staple one end of the fabric to the ceiling. Organza and tulle are lightweight, so one staple will hold the fabric in place, but you can add extra if you want extra stability.

Step 5

Move the ladder to the corner or end point of the swag.

Step 6

Gather the loose fabric and ascend the ladder with the staple gun. Staple the end of the fabric in place. You will now have a soft swag draping from the center of the room outward. Add more, if desired, using the same method.


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