How to Make Ceiling Drapes

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric

  • Fairy lights, Japanese lanterns, disco balls

  • Fishing line (mono filament)

  • String or cord


Consider using cheese cloth or muslin for ceiling drapes as it is far less expensive than drapery fabric. Ceiling drapes also can be rented.


Some rental halls have strict rules about attaching any items to the wall with nails, so make certain you know what their policies are prior to installation.

Ceiling drapes

Ceiling drapes can transform an impersonal or unattractive space into an intimately elegant or festive setting suitable for a wedding reception or other celebration. Such drapes are particularly useful when the venue is a large hall that has exposed beams, duct work and other coarse elements that detract from the overall feel of the special event you are planning. Create an altogether different mood using fabric and novel lighting. There are companies that will do the installation for you, but it is less costly to do it yourself.

Step 1

Ceiling drapes with fairy lights

Observe the architectural elements of the hall or room that will be used for the party or reception. Does it have chandeliers or ceiling fans from which the ceiling drapes can be attached? Are there exposed beams the fabric can be attached to? Visualize how you want the finished installation to look. Measure the distances to be draped, and order, purchase or rent the fabric.

Step 2

Locate the center of one of the lengths of fabric. Gather the fabric in your hand and tie with cord, string or fishing line. Attach to the ceiling beam or fan at the center of the room, allowing the fabric to drape and billow. Secure the drape to the wall or to the next ceiling fan or beam.

Step 3

Japanese lantern

Continue installing the ceiling drapes until the arrangement is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye. Space can be left open between the rows and filled with fairy lights or Japanese lanterns. Hang the lanterns or fairy lights with fishing line to give the illusion that they are floating in space.

Step 4

Flowers against background of ceiling and wall drapes

Install matching fabric at regular intervals along the wall and use tie-backs or ribbon bows to give the illusion of columns. Attach a row of Japanese lanterns or fairy lights along the top of the wall where the ends of the ceiling drapes meet the columns.

Step 5

Disco ball

Attach mirrored disco balls at intervals in the center of the room.


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