Corrugated Metal Ceiling Ideas

Corrugated metal is an inexpensive option to add visual interest to the ceiling in your home. While it may not work for every space, a corrugated metal ceiling will enhance eclectic, rustic and modern design schemes. Once in place, add metallic accents throughout the room to tie the theme together. Introduce soft textural elements to balance the rigid lines of the metal for a visually appealing design.

Full Panels

Create an entire ceiling from panels of corrugated metal to dress up an otherwise drab space. Hang an ornate chandelier or a series of pendant lights to add sparkle to the ceiling. Repeat the metal motif elsewhere using galvanized metal plant pots and other accessories. Choose a bright color for the walls, such as cherry, lime or cerulean, and select textiles with graphic prints and patterns.

Corrugated Tiles

Cut sheets of corrugated metal into tiles to create a pattern on the ceiling. One idea is to cut square tiles and alternate the way they face during installation. The resulting pattern will be a subtle checkerboard pattern. Or cut rectangular tiles and install them subway-tile style. The pattern can run vertically or horizontally, depending on the look you wish to achieve. Hang soft white sheers to balance the metal and add wool throws to the furniture. Layering different textures will keep the room light and fresh. You can also use the checkerboard pattern elsewhere in the room.

Corrugated Stripes

Create a different look by cutting strips of corrugated metal to form stripes on the ceiling. You could choose to install the stripes with decorative tin tiles between each stripe or allow the ceiling to show through. Other options include adding the stripes along the length of the ceiling with recessed lighting installed in every other stripe. Or add a jolt of color to the design by painting tin tiles oxblood red and install them between the stripes.

Corrugated Medallion

If you don't want to commit to an entire ceiling of corrugated metal, experiment with a metal feature, such as a decorative medallion. This idea works best for a living room or bedroom and can be used to showcase a dramatic lighting fixture, such as a drum pendant chandelier. Consider different shapes and sizes for the medallion to create a design that will best suit your living space. A circular medallion might work with a rustic space, while one with scalloped edges would fit a more eclectic room.