How to Sell Hardwood Floors

In order to sell anything, you have to understand the benefits and limitations of the product. Hardwood flooring is a great product, and it will beautify any home, but it cannot be installed in many areas of the home. Ask your customer questions related to their needs. Show them the best product samples that you have to offer them, and explain the benefits and limitations of the product based on where they would like to install the hardwood flooring. Then ask them to commit to a purchase. After the customer is committed to the purchase, write up and finalize the order with a financial transaction.

Step 1

Ask the customer questions related to her needs. This is usually called "qualifying the customer." No two customers have the same need set, though hardwood floors are a good flooring option for many different need sets.

Step 2

Show the customer samples of the best flooring you have to offer them, and follow the best with lower-grade options. Always start with the best and follow that with the rest. Tell the customer why the best flooring qualifies as such. These benefits will vary by hardwood flooring brand, whether they are prefinished or not, the width and length of each individual plank, and other options.

Step 3

Ask the customer to commit to a purchase. If the customer is simply browsing, he may not be ready to commit to a purchase. But if you are the sales person that gives the best information and actually asks for a purchase, a customer will likely return to you when ready to commit.

Step 4

Write up the sale and finalize the purchase with a financial transaction. Sales are completed differently depending on the store you work for. No matter how it is done (creating a quote and selling from the quote, loading the product up onto a cart and walking the customer to a cashier), finalize the sale and collect the money from the customer.