Coverlet vs. Duvet

Some shoppers might not know how to discriminate among the various options for decorating a bed with linens. Of course, individual tastes will ultimately dictate the final purchase. However, having a working knowledge of some of the imagery and utility of one bed covering type over another might prove helpful in the decision making process.

Coverlet Defined

Coverlets are a bed covering that a lot of people use. Coverlets have the advantage of being light weight and easy to handle from a spread-ability standpoint. This makes making the bed look presentable easier, especially for people that put bed-making low on their priority list.

Coverlets Cover Quickly

One reason why coverlets are so easy to spread is their use of man-made fabrics, like satins and cotton blends. These lighter weight fabrics make coverlets easier to handle. Quilting in some decorative design is also a feature of most coverlets. Coverlets may also be smaller in dimension than a full size quilt that is used as a bed cover.

Duvet Defined

Duvet covers give consumers the option to change a major bedroom design element very easily. These covers fit over a quilt or comforter like a sleeve. Duvet covers come in a wide variety of fabrics from natural cottons to satins to create a decorative finished look to the bed.
You can define duvet covers by their sewn closure on three sides and have the ability to enfold and enclose a comforter to change its look. The fourth side, usually the cover's top, is closed by a horizontal zipper or with buttons.

Duvets Camouflage

Duvet covers have some drawbacks. Even expensive ones can be ill-fitting. Ripples or waves may result from the filler bunching beneath the cover. You'll have to readjust the cover for a neater, more finished look.

Final Comparison

A new duvet cover can bring a whole new look to a bedroom space, but the finished neat look requires maintenance and might not be as neat as the coverlet, which achieves neatness with minimal effort.

Both duvet covers and coverlets often have matching pillow shams that come packaged as a set or can be purchased as a coordinate. The addition of shams gives the bed a finished look.

Marla Currie

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