Whether you are trying to revive a faded bedspread or need a particular color to complete your decorating scheme, an economical way to change the look of your bedspread is to dye it. Using commercial dye and your washing machine, make this a quick and mess-free way to resolve the irritating conflict between last year's version of cranberry or mauve and this year's completely different take on the color. Here's how to give your bedspread a new colorful look.

Step 1

Check fabric content of bedspread. All washable fabrics can by dyed, but different fabrics absorb dye color differently. Pure cotton holds color best and is most suitable for deep, intense shades. While rayon also absorbs color well, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics tend to absorb less dye, and color results may be lighter.

Step 2

Measure your bedspread before purchasing dye to ensure adequate quantity for the shade you want. Some dyes will specify square inches or suggest items (like 4 T-shirts) that a package will color.

Step 3

Set the washing machine at the hottest water setting and add dye. Agitate for 3 minutes to make sure the dye is dissolved and evenly distributed in the water.

Step 4

Using rubber gloves, add bedspread to washer tub, spreading as evenly as possible around agitator and removing as many creases as possible.

Step 5

Set the washer to the maximum wash time. Stop, if necessary, at the end of the wash cycle and reset rinse cycle to warm or cold.

Step 6

Remove the bedspread from the washing machine, remembering to wear your rubber gloves. Place in the dryer or hang up to dry.