How to Burn Resin Incense Without Charcoal

Resin incense comes in many varieties. It has been used throughout history during religious ceremonies and rituals. The traditional method of burning resin incense is to use special self-lighting charcoal bricks. These round bricks are specially made with potassium so they will light with the first contact with flame. However, these are messy and unreliable. Consider other methods of enjoying the rich soothing smell of resin incense without the mess of charcoal. All you need is a candle diffuser, and you can experience the sweet scent of incense in your home.

Step 1

Clean the candle diffuser well. Leftover particles and dirt may change the scent of the resin.

Step 2

Fill the well halfway with water. The water will keep the incense from sicking to the burner.

Step 3

Place a few nuggets of resin incense in the water.

Step 4

Light the tea light, and place it under the diffuser's well.