Cultured marble is a blend of crushed limestone and fiberglass resin. It is used on countertops because it is a durable, tough, stain resistant, easy to maintain, nonporous material. Cultured marble looks like real marble with its elegant and classy designer look. Cutting cultured marble without spoiling the surface can be challenging but possible, by following a few simple steps.

Cut Cultured Marble Countertops

Step 1

Mark all the measurements on the cultured marble countertop to ensure your cuts are straight and accurate. Use the straight edge of a ruler and a pencil to make your marks.

Step 2

Shade in the section of the cultured marble so that there is no guessing involved while cutting. Use a pencil to make marks that can easily be removed when you are finished.

Step 3

Clamp a piece of 2-by-4 lumber to the countertop to use as a straightedge. Secure the wood next to the pencil line.

Step 4

Insert a fine carbide blade into a circular saw and cut through the cultured marble slowly, following the straightedge.

Step 5

Start your cut from the bottom of the countertop to prevent chipping the surface.