The process by which latex is made is very involved, and when considering making it, one should not take the steps lightly. Additionally, there are two processes, natural and synthetic, by which it can be made. Both require a team of people and a massive amount of time.

Make Latex

Step 1

Plant hevea trees in a nursery and allowed to mature for 12 to 18 months before being moved to a field to mature.

Step 2

Once the tree has matured, shave off a strip of bark on one side of the tree. When the bark is removed, the latex slowly begins to flow out of the tree and is collected in a special cup.

Step 3

Switch sides. Once all the latex is collected from this side of the tree, the shaving process continues on the opposite of the tree. Collect the latex once again.

Step 4

Once the latex is taken from the tree, add chemicals such as ammonia to prevent the latex from coagulating. Then send the latex to the factory to be processed.

Step 5

At the factory, remove the water from the liquid latex, increasing the rubber content to 60 percent through various techniques. The latex is then sent in liquid form to different manufacturers for coatings, adhesives and other uses.