Colors That Match With Sage

Sage green, a soft grayish-green color that derives its name from the herb of the same name, is very popular in the realm of home design but is also a great choice when it comes to fashion and clothing. Since sage is essentially a neutral, it can be paired with a variety of other colors for looks that vary from the sophisticated to the whimsical.

Sage green is a popular color for home design but is also a fashionable choice for clothing.

Analogous Matches

The easiest way to match items with sage is to use similar colors. Analogous colors are those that appear next to each other on a color wheel. A quick look at a classic color wheel shows that a light yellowish-green (the basis for sage) sits between darker, more bluish-green and yellow. This means that a sage scarf would work well with a yellow jacket, provided that they shared a similar tone (that is, if they contained a similar amount of gray). A sage top could also be worn with a pair of muted bluish-green pants. This is a safe way to match colors to sage and will result in a slightly monochromatic, cohesive look.

Complementary Matches

Sage doesn't have to be matched with analogous colors. As a neutral, it will work with almost any color, but a complementary color will really make the sage pop for a more interesting and eclectic outfit. A complementary color is one that sits on the opposite side of the color wheel. In the case of light yellowish-green, the contrasting color would be in the purple family. Add in the gray of sage and you've got lavender. Thus, a sage skirt would make a pretty match with a light purple blouse. Contrasting colors are especially great for adding in as accents. For example, a lavender flower pin would look fantastic on a sage blazer.

Matches Found in Nature

Since the color sage derives its name from a plant, it makes sense to think about the way in which that plant appears in nature. Sage grows amongst other plants, in the dirt, with the wood appearing on brown twigs. As a result, the color sage, as it would appear on an article of clothing, could be paired with a light brown that mimics those twigs. Take a look in your garden and see if you can find sage-colored leaves. If there are other colors naturally appearing next to those leaves, those colors could successfully be translated into your wardrobe.