How to Decorate a Church Bathroom

For many, the bathroom has always been a place of privacy and tranquility. The decor of the best bathrooms has always captured the sense of seclusion yet with a strong element of elegance. The bathroom of church should always reflect such qualities but and be an echo of the decor of the place of worship.

Step 1

Start with the walls. The walls should be painted a soothing but regal color: blue, green or mauve works best. You may use wallpaper if you pick patterns that aren't busy and that have understated themes. Tiny floral depictions are safe bets.

Step 2

Put up shelves, preferably wooden ones. This will add warmth to even the largest spaces. It will provides an opportunity to display framed photos of congregation events, religious icons, or inspirational pictures.

Step 3

Hang curtains if your room has a window. The simply effect of fabric hanging from a rod by the window is the simplest way to add drama to any room. If you church has a formal decor that you are carrying into the bathroom, You can select curtains that are in the extremes: light lace, gauze, velvet or corduroy. Cotton works well for a more casual room. Curtains that are a shade darker or lighter than the wall color are a good choice.

Lane Cummings

Lane Cummings is originally from New York City. She attended the High School of Performing Arts in dance before receiving her Bachelor of Arts in literature and her Master of Arts in Russian literature at the University of Chicago. She has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, where she lectured and studied Russian. She began writing professionally in 2004 for the "St. Petersburg Times."