Free Instructions to Make Beehives for Decoration

Beehive decorations make a cute addition to any home decor. They can add a natural feel to any room, and the distance you go with the detail is up to you. These directions are fun and easy, and can even be done for a party. Before you get started, gather newsprint paper, white craft glue, one large round balloon, one large bowl, petroleum jelly, white tissue paper, tape, yellow paper, a black marker and scissors.

Beehive and fall leaves
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Making a Beehive Decoration

Rip up the newsprint paper. This does not have to be exact, but measure roughly 1-inch-wide strips. The length can simply be the length of the paper. Blow the balloon up to the size you want your beehive decoration to be. Smear a medium layer of petroleum jelly all over the balloon. Keep the jelly as even as possible all over the balloon. It does not have to be perfect, but make sure there aren't large globs of petroleum jelly anywhere on the balloon. Smear the bowl with petroleum jelly in the same way. Place the balloon in the bowl, ensuring that the balloon will not slip around while you are working with it. Mix 1/4 cup glue with 1/2 cup water. This will make a slimy mixture.

Soak the newsprint paper strips in the glue and water concoction. One at a time, take the strips out of the water, removing any excess glue mixture by running your fingers over the strips. Wrap the strips, one at a time, around the balloon. Do this until it's covered in white strips and the balloon cannot be seen. This will take two to three layers, which will make a strong base for your beehive decoration. More layers will mean more strength, but also mean more drying time. Leave an inch-wide hole at the base of the beehive for removing the balloon.

Test by touching the beehive all over, feeling for wet spots. Once the beehive is completely dry, take a pin or sharp object to the open area where you can see the balloon. Poke the balloon to pop it, then pull it out of the beehive.

Cut 2-inch-long strips of tissue paper. Start in the middle and add strips vertically across the beehive until you have covered the beehive, moving up or down until it is completely covered.

Cut a 1-inch-wide hole in the middle. This will be where the "bees" enter and exit the hive.

Draw bees on the yellow paper, cut them out and paste or tape them to the beehive. Don't overdo it, but add as many bees as you like. Make sure to put one or two "leaving the hive."