What Is Corelle Dinnerware?

Corelle appeared on the market in the early 1970s as the first glass dinnerware to be chip and break resistant. It was developed by the research and development team at Corning Glass Works. Corelle dinnerware is made by a hub lamination process that bonds three layers of glass. The process creates a lightweight and durable product with unique enamel decorating that is a part of the glass.

Available Corelle Patterns

Currently available patterns include: Apricot Grove, Basketweave, Chocolate Mint, Daydream, Floral Cascade, Geometric, Hot Dots, Sandstone, Spearmint and Memphis. Some discontinued patterns include: Bayscape, Blue Cornflower, Christmas Joy, Cornsilk, French Lilac, Fruit Too, Gingerbread Men, Pacifica, Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Queen's Lace, as well as many other patterns.

Corelle Dinnerware Guarantees

According to the makers of Corelle dinnerware, it is the "original break and chip resistant glass dinnerware" company. The makers guarantee that their "livingware" is easy to clean, is dishwasher and oven safe, lightweight and durable, and carries the added distinction of being attractive and affordable. It comes with a three-year limited break and chip warranty.

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